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A real old timer! Tried to sell the guy a new one but he said"she still works"!


Green Monster Manufacturing Hydraulic Stake Puller

Professional Tools for Professional Tent Installers - Is there a Monster in your Tool Box?

Founded in 2002 when Kenny Puff, president of Party Line Tent Rentals, his father Bud and the tent installation managers were discussing how to improve the tent erection and removal process. They first invented the Green Monster Hydraulic Stake Puller which quickly became the industry standard. Additional tools, such as the stake driver, frame wrench, ratchet wrench and structure wrench soon followed. 
Green Monster Manufacturing strives to improve the ease and speed of tent and structure installations and removals, thereby increasing profitability by reducing labor costs; they are committed to research and development for creating professional quality products for the rental industry. They welcome suggestions from fans and critics alike to improve the tools they manufacture as well as suggestions for creating new tools.