Stake Driver Rhino GP 45

The GPD-45 is the perfect tool. Powered by a Honda 4-cycle engine, the GPD-45 Multi-Pro™ has been engineered with increased driving dynamics needed to drive larger tent stakes. The design includes ergonomically balanced cushioned grip handles, Rhino® CIS™ anti-vibration dampening, Rhino Tension Grip™ crankcase cover for fast inspection and maintenance. The GPD-45 Multi-Pro™ versatile external chuck design can be configured with optional chuck and anvil for driving 1.2-4 lb channel post, tent stake chuck, concrete form pin chuck.

Model: GPD-45 Multi-Pro Gas Powered Driver; Equipped With: 2-1/2″ (44.45mm) I.D. Master Chuck; Weight: Approx. 44 lbs. (19.96kg)agraph here.